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        1. About Us
          Shenzhen zhuoyayun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 30 million yuan, is a national high-tech enterprise integrating software and hardware R & D, production, sales, installation and after-sales service. As the leader of IOT industry solutions, adhering to the scientific concept of "science and technology change life and innovation achieve the future", the company is committed to providing the Internet of things industry with the most advanced technology and the most perfect solutions, and has developed hundreds of core products with independent intellectual property rights, including smart home, smart community, smart building, smart fire protection Smart environmental protection and other application systems, and with cutting-edge products and high-quality services, help tens of millions of families enter an intelligent, safe, comfortable and convenient high-quality life.
          Smart home solutions
          Zhuo Yayun's six intelligent systems create perfect whole house intelligence
          Smart community solutions
          Improve the service quality of the property and improve the living standard of residents
          Smart hotel solutions
          Meet the personalized needs of customers and improve the service efficiency of the hotel
          Smart campus solutions
          The first choice of advanced colleges and universities to improve the new experience of education and learning
          Aviation aluminum alloy zhuoyayun Z11 classic intelligent lock
          • Fingerprint
          • Password
          • Pay by card
          • Mechanics
          • Electronic
          • Doorbell
          • APP
          • Applet
          • OLED
          • Anti lock
          • Anti prying
          • Fire prevention
          Smart panel
          Smart hotel special series
          In order to design an overall hierarchical switch panel to match all modern hotels with different decoration styles, we follow the concept of classical appliance edging and modern simple design, and match it with the metal wire drawing panel with fine texture to give a fashionable and avant-garde visual effect and highlight the elegant temperament of dexterity and dexterity.
          • All lamps
          • TV switch
          • Curtain switch
          • Smart socket
          • Services
          background musicOne word thing
          “Hello,Xiao Ke”Wake up the machine,from audio to home appliance control,check the weather to read and broadcast the news,in one sentence
          “Hello,Xiao Ke”,I want to listen to Jay Chou's song
          Turn on the air conditioner in the living room
          Jay Chou's advertisement balloon has been played for you
          OK, I'm turning on the air conditioner in the living room
          Home Security360 degree all-round support
          • Temperature and humidity sensor
          • Gas leakage sensor
          • Wireless smoke sensor
          • Door window switch sensor
          • Human infrared sensor
          • Intelligent water immersion sensor
          • Intelligent emergency button